We search for quality and singularity which reflect the essence of the region.

We worship the soil, we love the landscape; the habitat where the pack acquires all its hues and which is developed throughout its elaboration.

The best varieties for each region.

The personality contained in each of the wolves helps us discover the contribution behind it, satisfying eager expectations from the label, promoting recognition of the variety and a truly stimulating experience, activating the senses.

Wines which convey passion.

With our desire to convey the sensations we experience when we elaborate, we are moved and excited when we think of those who look forward to tasting it.

Discovery and sharing new sensations

There is nothing more stimulating than discovering little-known varieties and the singularity of each of the wines which make up the pack. The experience begins from the moment the bottle is in your hands.

Culture and Learning

We believe that it is the small stories which make a wine great. We are constantly learning more about wine and we know that when we tell of it, we contribute knowledge, because wine reveals a great deal about our senses.


Journey with us and our wines, to reproduce the experience which involves recognizing a variety and experiencing the enjoyment of what a wine can bring, without constraints or liturgies.


If you love wine as much as we do, or even more, join the Pack.

Viña Luparia

To ensure that our wines are enjoyed responsibly, we must confirm that you are of legal age to purchase and consume alcohol in your country of residence. In the absence of legislation about this topic, you must be over 18 years.