Especial gift edition. Case of 6 bottles.

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Especial gift edition. Case of 6 bottles.

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Especial gift edition. Case of 6 bottles:

LA BURLA : Airén is one of the most abundant varieties, which is not usually taken seriously. Smooth flavours with fruity reminiscence and simplicity which, for their qualities, are ideal for any moment. 100% Airén White wine elaborated from vineyards located in the Toledo town of Corral de Almaguer, scarcely 10 kilometres from the winery. Characterized by an altitude of some 800m and a microclimate which allows for the perfect development of grape varieties such as Airén. Clay-limestone soils.

LA REBELDÍA: The contribution of a variety not native to the region, Sauvignon Blanc, which grows in a different setting to the one intended. Sauvignon comes from the conjunction between sauvage (wild) and vignon (vineyard). Similarly elaborated in Corral de Almaguer. Harvested at night in the first week of September. The Sauvignon Blanc vineyard borders with that of the Airén.

LOS AMANTES: Elaborated from Garnacha vineyards located in the municipality of Los Hinojosos (Cuenca) at an altitude of 900m. Loam-limestone soil. Nocturnal harvest in the last week of September. Presented for tasting with a rich strawberry red color. Its aromatic profile is decisively marked by the presence of red fruits in their sweetest version. Easy on the palate, with an agreeable lingering taste.

LA INOCENCIA: Young Tempranillo, represented with the vivacity of a forest in spring, full of red fruits. Vineyards located in Campo de Criptana (Ciudad Real) at an altitude of some 700m. Predominantly limestone soils. 30-year-old vines harvested at night during the last week in August.

EL ORIGEN: The tempranillo variety ripens and shows its development in a semi-crianza as a taste of its future potential. Deliciously agreeable. Elaborated from vineyards in Campo de Criptana and harvested in mid-September. After macerating for nine days, early drawing takes place, searching for aromatic and anthocyanidin (colour) extraction, later to end fermentation in contact with American Oak where it remained for four months.

LA LIBERTAD: A blend of Syrah and Garnacha, Syrah gives intensity, depth and hints of wild violet, while the Garnacha’s delicacy gently shades and softens this power. Elaborated from grapes grown in Cuenca at an altitude of 900m, a week separates the harvest of both varieties. It is elaborated separately until alcoholic fermentation is completed. From here, assemblage and aging takes place in French Oak casks over four months.


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