Los enamorados (The lovers)

Garnacha 2015

The wolf, hopelessly in love with the moon´s beautiful warm aura, spends endless nights howling, hoping to reunite and reignite the most heartfelt of lovers´ passions.

75 cl. 12,5% vol.

Garnacha is a medium-sized variety which produces wines of little color and high alcohol content, with pale shades and subtle, silky delicate aromas.

Elaborated from Garnacha vineyards located in the municipality of Los Hinojosos (Cuenca) at an altitude of 900m. Loam-limestone soil. Nocturnal harvest in the last week of September.

Tasting Notes
Presented for tasting with a rich strawberry red color. Its aromatic profile is decisively marked by the presence of red fruits in their sweetest version. Easy on the palate, with an agreeable lingering taste.

Viña Luparia

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