La burla (The mockery)

Airén 2015

The wolf is coming! The wolf is coming! cried Peter, the naughty shepherd, as a joke on his neighbours, which would ultimately cost him his herd. The relaxed, fruity touch of Airén comes to combat boredom.

75 cl. 11,5% vol.

Airén is one of the most abundant varieties, which is not usually taken seriously. Smooth flavours with fruity reminiscence and simplicity which, for their qualities, are ideal for any moment.

100% Airén White wine elaborated from vineyards located in the Toledo town of Corral de Almaguer, scarcely 10 kilometres from the winery. Characterized by an altitude of some 800m and a microclimate which allows for the perfect development of grape varieties such as Airén. Clay-limestone soils.

Straw-yellow in color, it is a light wine; its 11.5 degrees are easy on the palate. Aromas of citrus fruits predominate, with a marked presence of white flowers.

Viña Luparia

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