El villano | Edition 2014

Special Selection

Lykaon, the first man to challenge Zeus, wanted to change the world and as punishment was turned into the first werewolf. With maturity and reflection, he discovered the fullness of his new form.

75 cl. 14% vol.

A blend which unites the best of diverse varieties, reflecting the time and dedication taken to develop a full, rounded wine which expresses its essence and vindicates the terroir.

Tasting Notes

Intense, deep ruby red in colour, it presents a complex aromatic profile in which fruits of the forest and crystallized cherry predominate, with hints of minerals (graphite) and spices (cinnamon). Outstanding roasted caramel-like retronasal aromas. Dense and voluminous to the taste with rounded, well-marked tannins. Persistent, with a long, lingering finish.

This wine is the perfect accompaniment to meals based on red meat stews, cured cheeses or roasts.

Viña Luparia

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