El origen (The origin)

Tempranillo 2014

Semicrianza Red Wine

The generous act of the Capitoline Wolf to suckle Romulus and Remus is fruit of the intention to create, to leave a significant, lasting legacy to be enjoyed forever.

75 cl. 14,5% vol.

The tempranillo variety ripens and shows its development in a semi crianza as a taste of its future potential. Deliciously agreeable.

Elaborated from vineyards in Campo de Criptana and harvested in mid September. After macerating for nine days, early drawing takes place, searching for aromatic and anthocyanidin (colour) extraction, later to end fermentation in contact with American Oak where it remained for four months.

Tasting Notes
Full-bodied and dense, with aromas reminiscent of black fruit preserves well blended with roasted touches of vanilla from its cask aging. To the taste it shows the power and fleshiness of the region’s wines.

Viña Luparia

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